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Big Love

   Big Love is a play written in the year 2000 by American playwright Charles L. Mee. Based on Aeschylus's The Suppliants, it is about fifty brides who flee to a manor in Italy to avoid marrying their fifty cousins. While the brides and grooms wait for their wedding day, the characters raise issues of gender politics, love, and domestic violence. 

   "It’s all about refugees and gender wars and men and women trying to find what will get them through the rubble of dysfunctional relationships, and anger and rage and heartache". (from an interview with Charles Mee)

Amherst College, 2017 


Full Show


Play by Charles Mee

Adapted and Directed by Yagil Eliraz


Stage design: Lynndy Smith

Costume design: Asa Benally

Lighting design: Kathy Couch

Viseo: Yana Birykova

Sound and Composing: Ethan Foote


Actors: Michael Barnett, Lauren Carter, Cesar Centeno, Barbara Cotez-Greig, Wesley Guimarães de Santos, Ben Kissinger, Brett Sokol, Noor Qasim, Alice Wilkinson, Denzel Wood, Maki Ybarra-Young

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