Bible Lesson

     Did Abraham kill his wife Sara in order to buy, for the Jewish people, the rights over the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron? Mr. Kuntz, a high school bible teacher, is being accused in court of teaching this exact scenario to his pupils. But the accused doesn't declare his innocence! On the contrary – he will prove his claim using verses from the bible itself, and a lot of imagination and creativity.

     In this crazy new comedic courtoom play, Eli Shreiber ("Chatuli") comes up with this hypothesis and creates a series of hilarious encounters between the four characters: a sensual and volatile female judge, a well-groomed and indifferent prosecutor, a tongue-less typist, and a creative, scatterbrained bible teacher.


 Mara Theater, Kiryat-Shmona 2012


Play by: Eli Shreiber ("Chatuli")

Set and Costume Designer: Noa Nave

Lighting Design: Erez Shwarzbaum

Production Manager and Assistant Director: Rachel Noy Ben Asheri

Actors: Karin Marom, Michal Cohen, Tal Danino, Gal Shamai

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