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Right You Are! (If You Think So)

     Written by Luigi Pirandello, Right You Are! (If You Think So) premiered in 1917 in Milan. On the surface, play’s main question is how we prove that the reality is what we think it is. Two of the main characters, Ms. Frola and her former son-in-law, Mr. Ponza, hold opposing viewpoints: each believes the other is insane. Lady Frola claims Mr. Ponza believes that his new wife is his old wife, her late daughter. Mr. Ponza claims that it is in fact Lady Frola who believes his new wife is her deceased child.

     But this is just scratcheds the surface of this wonderful and less celebrated work by the writer of Six Characters in Search of an Author. To complicate matters further, Ponza and Frola are refugees from an earthquake seeking shelter and new home in a "friendly" little town. Like in Dogville and Andorra, the townspeople in this play become increasingly obsessed with their mysterious visitors, and will not hesitate to use whatever means necessary to find the truth.


Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts, 2005


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