A businessman rushing to a meeting enters an elevator and gets stuck. His only contact with the outside world is through Eli, the guy who operates the elevator from the control room. But Eli is not quite ready to free the businessman. Eli will first lead him through a mental journey of recognition, remorse and redemption. When Eli reveals that he has supernatural powers, the businessman begins to question his true identity.

     This dense new play deals with the way people with a high socio-economic status treat those who are below them and how money and technology can help us when D-day comes.

Short New Plays Festival, Tzavta Theater, Tel Aviv 2011




Play by: Amit Erez

Set and Costume Designer: Natasha Tuchman-Polyak

Music: Boaz Schory

Lighting Design: Jake Sliv

Assistant Director: Netta Magen

Actors: Alon Dahan, Eran Sarel

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