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Amherst College

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Action and Character

Introduces students to key principles of Acting in theory and practice. Using assigned scenes and various exercises, we practice acting through five different channels: Imagination, Focus, The Group, Expressivity, and Playfulness. The course also includes the fundamentals of text analysis.   


Contemporary Performance - Case Studies

This course focuses on a selection of case studies in theater, performance art and dance, both in the 20th & 21st centuries. It also seeks connections between these case studies and the social, cultural and political environments that fostered them. 


Acting Studio

An advanced acting course that focuses on the imagination, creativity, and inventiveness in the actor's work. The course explores how to deepen and enrich the actor's personal interpretation of his text/role, by employing both physical and theoretical tools.  


Collaboration in Theater

Course in theater devising, based on Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints and Moises Kaufman’s Moment Work. 


Re-imagining the Classics

Explores how artists from various media have used classic texts as source material for creating new work. The course also investigates cross-cultural approaches to classic plays. 

Amherst College, MA, USA , 2016-2021

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