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The Greenhouse for Directors

There are only two frameworks in Israel for theater directing studies – both are three years of academic studies. Nevertheless, there isn't any framework for people who desire a basic introduction to the field, enrichment of their knowledge, or an incubator for working on an independent project.


This absence led me to initiate and build a six months course under the umbrella of Tzavta Theater. During the course, each student worked on a 15-20 minutes piece, with my guidance and support. All pieces were performed in front of an open audience. This practical work went hand-in-hand with topics that I taught on a weekly basis. These topics included: text analysis, dramatic structures, physical work with actors, introduction to stage design, and more. In 2011-2013, there were four rounds of this course, each with 10-15 students.


Some performances that started at the Greenhouse continued to be developed and ran on different stages later on.


Tzavta Theater, Tel Aviv, 2011-2013


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