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Autumn Dream

autumn dream poster
jon fosse

     Graveyard in the fall.  A married man by coincidence meets a woman, with whom he had an affair with in the past. Their unexpected encounter ignites their attraction again, but this time the man decides not to deny it. He leaves his wife and child for this old-new romance.  

     Years pass quickly. The graveyard again. There, the man meets his parents and introduces to them his new love.  His mother confronts him with the results of his betrayal: the grief he caused his parents, his ex-wife and his only son. His ex-wife appears suddenly, telling them that the son is in the hospital. But the man refuses to regret, refuses to soften - ratherbecomes more and more apathetic to their claims and suffering.


     Jon Fosse, one of Norway's prominent playwrights, deals in this lyrical drama with the question of the self and its desires versus social codes and norms. The play is written in short lines, without punctuation, which makesdirecting it avery personal, challenging and unique experience.

The staged reading of the play opened the second season of play readings at The Cameri Theater, 2005


The Cameri Theater, 2005


Play by: Jon Fosse

Translation: Gad Kaynar

Music and piano: Iddo Aharony

Viola: Udi Berner


Actors: Limor Goldstein, Albert Cohen, Shuli Lev Alagem, Hana Maron, Ohad shachar

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