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Israel Festival's Arena

Israel Festival is an international festival of the performing arts, the biggest and oldest in Israel.  In 2006, I was invited by General Director Yossi Tal-Gan to plan and artistically direct a new festival for promising performance artists entitled "The Festival Arena."


The mission of “The Festival Arena” was to create an incubator for long-process work on new performances, culminating with a production in a special outdoor amphitheater. As Artistic Director, I assigned a committee to select shows and accompanied each work through a six month process leading to the festival premiere. “The Festival Arena” ran for a week, giving birth to ten new performances. These shows included a variety of genres and styles, such as: puppet theater, modern dance, textless tragedy, butoh dance, and more. In the years after the launch of “The Festival Arena,” five of these shows went on to perform many times in theaters across Israel.


Performances directed/ choreographed by: Yaron Carbel

Aya Kaplan

Shir Goldberg

Aviv Eveguy and Maya Brinner

Inbal Fichman

Oded Graf and Yossi Berg

Amitay Millo and Yuval Cohen

Dalit Inbar

Yaara Buyum Kaplan


Chief Producer: Miri Menirav

Lighting Design: Martin Adin

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