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Peer Gynt

   One of Ibsen's early plays, Peer Gynt was first performed in 1867.  It is a phantasmagorical journey that spans over the lifetime of Peer, a young, dreamy and ambitious man who sets out on a quest to fulfill his potential. From the mountains of Norway to the desert of Egypt, from encountering trolls, to riding a moose, to sailing across the ocean, the audience accompanies Peer in his adventurous journey. He is the personification of our age—one in which individualism often comes at the expense of solidarity and social consciousness. By joining his journey around the world, we ask ourselves: What is the cost of the obsessive worship of our Self?

Amherst College, 2017


Full Show


Following Henrik Ibsen

Directed by Yagil Eliraz

Written by Yagil Eliraz, Josh Wren & the company


Set design: Mariana Sanchez

Costume design: Asa Benally

Music: Kate Marvin & Christopher Ross-Ewart

Video: Yana Biryukova

Lighting design: Kathy Couch 


Actors: Mahalia Banton, Marina Durmont, Justin Henriksen, Kylie Levy, Adaviata Rao-Sharma, Lorelle Sang, Emma Wilfert, Leah Woodbridge, Lu Yang, Mikayla Ybarra-Young

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