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The Dwight Edgewood Project

DEP 2015 Company Photo
Jayden teaches the Mentors some moves

     The Dwight Edgewood Project is a joint initiative of Yale Repertory Theater and Yale School of Drama.  Each summer, eight middle school students are paired with mentors who accompany their writing of an original, ten-minute play.  At the end of this month long project, Yale school of Drama students produce, design and act in these plays.

     In the summer of 2015 I was honored to receive the Yale President's Public Service Fellowship. As part of the fellowship, I joined the Dwight Edgewood Project's team as a playwriting mentor, and eventually acted in the plays.  The experience was so unique and rewarding, especially the opportunity to introduce the theater world to young people, and ignite their creativity and imagination, which resulted in wonderfully imaginative and personal plays.


                The Dwight Edgewood Project, New Haven 2015




     "The content of the plays is often surprising, even to parents, ranging from comedies to poignant observations of life as the kids see it, some quite revelatory. They have addressed the issue of bullying, what it's like not to fit in, how it feels to be in a single-parent home, watching friends take the wrong path."


New Haven Register

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