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Beginner at Life


     Beginner at Life explores, in a refreshing and original voice, questions of sex, relationship, family, motherhood, and career – through the semi- autobiographic story of Eden, who dreams to be aof being a singer and fulfilling her vision of who she really is.

Through an emotional storm of humor, pain, fear, and hope, we join Eden's confrontation, for the first time in her life, with all she had succeed to suppress for many years: hHer difficulties with her husband, the detachment from her body and its needs, the complex relationship with her mother, the anorexia that suddenly took over her life, her never ending effort to satisfy everyone around her, and, in short –, renouncing her privilege to be who she really is, who she always wanted to be.

     The play was written in 2004, and was performed since then in NYC (Mamapalooza reading 2010), Canada (University of New Brunswick, NB), Sydney Australia (Newtown Theater) and Arezzo Italy (Teatro le Glicini).

ZOA theater, Tel Aviv 2010



Play by: Alana Ruben Free

Translation: Sara Boxnboim

Chief Producer: Bettina Zeloof Blanga

Actor: Marina Faingold

Set and Costume Designer: Noa Nave

Music: Udi Berner

Lighting Design: Iris Mualem

Production Manager and Assistant Director: Denise Atrackhi


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