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Online Theater Education

  • On demand, exclusive educational content in HD video.
  • Live personal coaching for actors, directors and playwrights.
  • Actors' Forum

Our Story

Theater.Academy is a new pioneer startup, born out of the in-person to online shift that society experienced in the wake of a global pandemic.

We are a team of internationally-acclaimed theater scholars and practitioners. We strive to bring the best online theater education to people around the world, and help them to cultivate a rich professional network.

Excellent theater education, like education in so many other fields, can unfortunately be acquired only by those who are privileged financially and who live in the “right” geographical location. In most cases, there is also a selective and demanding application process. We are working hard to change all this, and offer a new way of acquiring supreme quality theater education. We believe that any person deserves a chance to succeed in theater, regardless of their geographical location or financial position.

Our top-quality educational video content supports academic curriculum in some of the world’s leading universities, and is accessible to anyone who wishes to engage in a rigorous and enjoyable learning experience.
Instead of offering courses that follow one academic narrative, we offer digital anthologies that offer an abundance of materials, approaches, and tools. This way, users can choose only the materials that interest them the most, or take the entire anthology to get the full kaleidoscopic overview on the subject in hand.

We also offer unique coaching opportunities, allowing people from all over the world to have live access to high caliber theater practitioners, who can share advice and guidance from their rich professional experience. In other words, we try to change the culture of “it’s about who you know” to be “it’s about what you know”.

We are committed to include and amplify a multitude of voices and approaches to theater education, while giving a special emphasis on non-western cultures.

Theater.Academy was founded by Yagil Eliraz. Originally from Israel, Yagil has almost two decades of experience as a stage director and educator. He is an alum of the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale University (2016) and a former Assistant Professor at Amherst College, MA, USA.

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