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Directing the Actor

In summer 2011, I was invited by the chair of the screen based arts department in Bezalel, to propose a curriculum for a new course that would focus on how to work with actors.


Animators usually need a human reference when they work on a film in order to build a specific gestural behavior for their characters. The course I built and taught for 4 semesters focused on the director’s dialogue with the actor. In theory and in practice, the course examined the foundations of the director’s work with the actor through the two key prisms:  the text and the body.


In the first part, we briefly discussed the foundational aspects of dramatic thinking: narrative vs. dramatic plot, dramatic action, dramatic trajectory, the dramatic whole and its parts, and more. The second part focused on building characters with the actors, first through physical exploration and different physical exercises and second, when relevant, through text analysis and scene work guidance. The characters in the pictures and clips on this page were created during the course.


Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem, 2011-2013