The Rules

     Following a shooting at a local movie theatre, an attorney, an executive, a surgeon, and a student must cope with the startling realization that few degrees of separation stand between each one of them and the gunman.

     A response to the 2012 massacre in Aurora, Colorado, The Rules examines the aftermath of a traumatic event from the perspective of its secondary victims and exposes the fallacy of action and consequence that underlies America’s notion of justice. 

     If civic life is an agreed-upon game, a construct, what’s at stake in winning? And what does it mean to lose?


Yale School of Drama, The Iseman Theater, 2014


Play by: Jireh Breon Holder

Dramaturg: Nahuel Telleria 

Sound Design: Pornchanok Kanchanabanca

Stage Manager: Shannon L. Gaughf

Actors: Cornelius Davidson, Galen Kane, Tiffany Mack, Aaron Luis Profumo, Ariana Venturi

Production Photos: Joey Moro

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